Class Descriptions

DANCE YEAR 2023-2024

Creative Movement:  This class will encourage self-discipline and confidence while working on rhythm, coordination, and spatial relations. Basic ballet steps will be taught.   (Ages 3–4)

Just Dance: This class will focus on developing gross motor skills, musicality, and fitness. The class is designed to introduce fundamental body positions and establish proper ballet body alignment. Students will be given basic barre and across the floor exercises.   (Ages 5–6)

Introduction to Ballet: This class is designed to introduce fundamental body positions and establish proper ballet body alignment.  Students will be introduced to basic barre exercises, center work and across the floor exercises.

Ballet 1: Students are expected to learn fundamental ballet vocabulary as well as proper execution of the movement. Level 1 students will build onto the basic barre and across the floor exercises. Proper body alignment and the expansion of classical vocabulary will be emphasized.

Ballet 2A: Students must demonstrate proper execution of Level 1 ballet syllabus, along with the advancement of ballet vocabulary, technique, and musicality. Emphasis will be placed on strength, balance, port de bras and overall body coordination at the barre and center.  At this level, students will be introduced to the proper resistance band exercises to strengthen the ankle, foot, and leg.

Ballet 2B: Students continue to build strength and alignment at the barre and center. There will be special focus on resistance band exercises to ensure foot, ankle, and body strength for future pointe work. Large poses at 90 degrees are introduced and practiced in exercises and in adagio.

Ballet 3A: Students must demonstrate proper execution of the Level 2B ballet syllabus, along with expanded knowledge of ballet vocabulary. Students will be given bigger positions of the body at the barre, center work and across the floor.  Students will continue to work foot flexibility & strength needed for pointe work. Advanced combinations will be introduced along with increasing tempo at the barre and center, with a focus on allegro.

Ballet 3B:  In this level, students will begin to do more challenging combinations.  Bigger positions at 90 degree and higher will be encouraged, and a special focus on grande and petit allegro.  Partnering will also be introduced.

Ballet 4/5: Students must demonstrate proper execution of the Level 3 ballet syllabus, along with an expanded knowledge of ballet technique and pointe work.  Advanced combinations, as well as an increased tempo throughout the class, will be incorporated.

Pointe Technique 3A: Students will focus on gaining flexibility and strength in their pointe shoes.  Basic exercises will be given for at the barre with eventually moving to the center.  Special emphasis will be given on how to articulate the foot in the pointe shoe.

Pointe Technique 3B-5:  This class is designed to advance the dancer’s knowledge of ballet technique and its kinetic breakdown, bio-mechanical awareness, and analysis of the movement.  The overall emphasis is on vocabulary, technique and understanding of motion and placement. Students will be given challenging combinations at the barre, center and across the floor.

Pointe Technique & Variations 3B-5:  This class will have special focus on pointe technique and students will work to improve body placement and alignment while en pointe. The instructor will also teach variations (the soloist’s choreography) from a variety of classical ballets.

Men’s Ballet:  Designed specifically for boys & men ages 7+, this class will focus on strengthening, stretching, and correcting ballet technique in a fun atmosphere where young men can feel comfortable dancing and learning.

Progressive Ballet Technique:  This class will focus on the body-conditioning and strengthening required to enhance a student’s technique. This is done by focusing on training the muscle memory required in each exercise in all forms of dance.  Two levels offered.

Contemporary Technique 3-5:  This class will exercise and hone creativity, artistry, and contemporary dance technique.  Emphasis will be on musicality, choreography, and personal expression.  Improvisational prompts will be introduced to encourage artistic decision-making.  This class is for advanced students in Ballet Levels 3-5.

Beginner Jazz & Modern: This is a combination class that introduces dancers to the fundamentals of both styles. We will explore movement that is both sharp and precise while working on timing in Jazz. The Modern portion of class will explore movement that is more grounded and freer flowing, while expanding on the student’s knowledge of ballet.

Modern (Intermediate and Advanced): In this class the dancer will learn technique (dance steps and combinations) through inventive, exciting, original choreography that is structured specifically for each age and ability level. The dancer will use highly expressive style of dance that challenges the structured dance technique of classical ballet. This class will focus on dance expression, rather than following ballet’s rigid set of postures and technical positions. Each student will be challenged in their core work and strength. (Must have 1 year of ballet experience and be currently enrolled in ballet.)

Jazz (Intermediate and Advanced): In this class the dancer will focus on strength, flexibility and conditioning technique and progressions including turns, kicks, and leaps.  The class is a combination of classical ballet and modern dance technique with contemporary influence. There will be a strong emphasis on energy, rhythmical accuracy, and style. The dancer will learn many fun and trendy dance steps that are used for all forms of dance. Jazz helps a dancer to become well-rounded and accustomed to a variety of all dance steps. Dancers will learn choreography to popular and age-appropriate music along with vintage styles of jazz from past decades. (Enrollment in ballet and modern are encouraged.)

Beginner Tap:  This class is for the beginner tap student.  It will focus on basic tap sounds, rhythm, and coordination.

Intermediate/Advanced Tap:  This class is for the tap student with at least three years of tap training.  Emphasis will be placed on more complex tap choreography and sounds.

Community Zumba & Ballet Fundamentals (taught on alternate Saturday mornings):  Zumba combines Latin style dances and fitness technique to make for a fun and inclusive class. Students will be introduced to Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, and Dembow styles of dance while working major muscle groups and getting some cardio in as well. Ballet Fundamentals combines the elements of core stability, balance, performance, and strength from one of the most traditional forms of dance. Students will be work on basic barre and across the floor exercises.

Leaps and Turns Technique:  In this class, dancers will focus on developing the skills necessary to perform a variety of turns and leaps. They will be challenged to their highest potential, with goals set and met throughout the season. There will be a focus on proper alignment of their facility for turns and on their foundation for leaps to get higher off the ground. Cross training with weights and yoga blocks will be implemented. (Must be enrolled in Ballet Levels 2-5.)

Conditioning:  The focus of this class will be on building upper and lower body strength, flexibility, and core control.  Exercises will be designed to build endurance.  This class is suited for dancers in Intro to Ballet and up.

Pantomime/Character:  Pantomime is the practice of conveying emotions, actions, and feelings with gestures rather than speech. In Character, students will be taught selected folk-dance movements and styles. Such movements will be placed with music which have been adapted for many theater programs.