Class Descriptions

GDT Class Descriptions 2021-2022

Creative Movement:  This class will encourage self-discipline and confidence while working on rhythm, coordination and spatial relations. Basic ballet steps will be taught.  Designed for 3-4 year olds.  (45 min./once per week)

Just Dance: Ballet/Tap Combo for Ages 5-6:  Beginner ballet and tap techniques will be taught. Emphasis will be on building self-esteem through movement along with spatial relations, patterning and rhythm.  Designed for 5-6 year olds.  (1 hour/once per week)

Adult & Teen Ballet: The class is designed to introduce or enhance fundamental body positions and proper ballet body alignment.  Students will be work on basic barre and across the floor exercises.  (1 hour/once per week)

Introduction to Ballet: The class is designed to introduce fundamental body positions and establish proper ballet body alignment.  Students will be introduced to basic barre and across the floor exercises.  (1 hour/once per week)

Ballet 1: Students are expected to learn fundamental ballet vocabulary as well as proper execution of the movement. Level 1 students will build on their barre and across the floor exercises. Proper body alignment and the expansion of classical vocabulary will be emphasized. (1 hour 30 min/once per week)

Ballet 2A: Students must demonstrate proper execution of Level 1 ballet syllabus, along with the advancement of ballet vocabulary, technique and musicality. Emphasis will be placed on strength, balance, port de bras and overall body coordination at the barre and center.  At this level students will be introduced to the proper resistance band exercises to strengthen the ankle, foot, and leg.    (1 hour 30 min./twice per week)

Ballet 2B: Students continue to build strength and alignment at the barre. An array of jumps is introduced, and students will work towards their mastery. Students continue to focus on pre-pointe exercises in order to build appropriate foot, ankle, and body strength for future pointe work. Large poses at 90 degrees are introduced and practiced in exercises and in adagio. Students will continue using resistance bands while maintaining the proper alignment required for pointe work. (1 hour 30 min./twice per week)

Ballet 3 Technique: Students must demonstrate proper execution of Level 2 ballet syllabus, along with expanded knowledge of ballet vocabulary and beginning pointe technique. Advanced combinations will be introduced along with increasing tempo at the barre and center, with special focus on allegro. (1 hour 30 min./once per week)

Ballet 4/5 Technique: Students must demonstrate proper execution of the Level 3 ballet syllabus, along with an expanded knowledge of ballet technique and pointe work.  Advanced combinations as well as an increased tempo throughout the class will be incorporated. Exercises at the barre and center work will be taught at the appropriate level.   (1 hour 30 min./once per week)

Ballet & Pointe Technique for Levels 3-5: This class is designed to advance the dancer’s knowledge of ballet technique and its kinetic breakdown, bio-mechanical awareness and analysis of the movement.  The overall emphasis is on vocabulary, technique and understanding of motion and placement.  (2 hours /once per week)

Pointe Technique & Variations:  This class is offered to pointe students who can show their mastery of ballet technique, en pointe, in these special sections from famous ballets. The student will focus on skills done with pointe shoes at the barre and center. (1 hour 30 min./once a week)

Contemporary Ballet: Contemporary Ballet is a genre of dance that incorporates elements of both classical ballet and modern dance. Contemporary utilizes a turned-in position more often than Classical ballet. The dancer will focus on floor-work, using gravity to pull them down to the floor. Contemporary Ballet will be done in bare feet or pointe shoes. This class is for advanced students in Ballet Levels 3-5. (1 hour 30 min./once per week).

Modern 1/2:  This class will introduce proper placement and alignment in beginner Modern training. Emphasis will be placed on core strength, musicality, and expressive movement. One year ballet training required, and the student must be currently enrolled in ballet.  (1 hour/once per week).

Modern 3/4:   This class will utilize a range of styles emphasizing contraction/release, articulation of the spine, use of gravity and floor work.  Musicality, athleticism, and personal expression will be incorporated into choreography.  Modern 1/2 is a pre-requisite, along with three years of ballet training and be currently enrolled in a ballet class.  (1 hour /once per week).

Tap 1:  This class is for the beginner tap student.  It will focus on basic tap sounds, rhythm, and coordination.  (45 min./once per week)

Tap 2:  This class is for the intermediate tap student.  Emphasis will be placed on more complex tap choreography and sounds. (1 hour/once per week)

Jazz 1/2:  In this class, focus will be placed on rhythm, musicality, and proper vocabulary.  Technique will be taught through across the floor combinations and expanded upon in center choreography.  (1 hour/once per week)

Jazz 3/4:  This class will focus on isolations, rhythm, musicality, and classic Jazz placement. Students should have previous Ballet training and are strongly recommended to continue classical training to support this style of dance.  Students must have prior Jazz training to enroll in this level.  (1 hour/once per week)

Deep Stretch: Focused predominately on stretching and releasing tight muscles and tendons, Deep Stretch takes strain off of the skeletal system. Flowing through poses slowly and emphasizing each enables the student to become more aware and mindful of their own bodies.(30 min./once a week)

Deep Stretch & Conditioning:  Focus will be on building upper and lower body strength, flexibility, and core control.  Exercises will be designed to build endurance.  This class is suited for dancers in Introduction to Ballet and up.  (1 hour/once per week)